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My first video game? Now and then…

Unfortunately, I have not worked that much on my game the past two weeks, so I don’t have a big update. But I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been thinking about that is tangentially related to the game. So here goes. It feels inevitable that I’d find myself building a video game and somewhat coming full circle. When I was a kid probably 11 or 12, I got a book on how to build a video game in

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And so my journey begins…

The game will be a fantasy RPG set on an earth-like planet but not on Earth itself. That will allow me to mix and match themes and only have to worry about whether the tech in a pack makes sense not whether a style matches. I already have ideas for a pirate cove and a viking area in the mountains near the coast. I don't know what I'm naming this game so for now I'm referring to it as "The

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About Me

I’ve never built a game before but been learning Unreal Engine for about 6 years. I have a lifelong love for playing videos games especially online ones with my brother. He and I have spent many years brainstorming game ideas but only recently has building a game become a real possibility. Being a web developer by profession, I have gotten very comfortable writing code in Unreal Engine and am finally ready to build a game. Follow me on my journey!

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Synty Studios

I wish I was as talented as the folks at Synty Studios but I am not.  Most if not all of the art assets used in building my game I purchased from these folks.  They are amazingly talented!